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 4th colony, what resource?

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PostSubject: 4th colony, what resource?   Sat Apr 19, 2008 8:12 am

I'm saving up for my 4th colony, already have 1 on each resource.

I see that almost everyone is making it marble, but i don't see the need... quarry on 55:31 is moving up to lvl 13.

I'm currently thinking about wine, because i already have 4 city's using 33/hour on lvl 16 (thats 132/hour total), and if i want to expand to 5x lvl 18, i will need a LOT more.

Marble: No need for sulfur, good steady income
Sulfur: hehe yeah right
Crystal: Always good for upgrades, but not really needed more.

What do you guys advice? At this moment my wine income is 150/hour, and 132/hour outgoing, that means i can't even keep a lvl 12 city happy if it's not on wine island.

Thanks for advice

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Glass: Glaswijk lvl18 [56:31]
Marble: Steenwijk Noord lvl18 [55:31]
Wine: Druivendam Oost lvl17 [55:30]
Wine: Druivendam West lvl12 [55:30]
Marble: Steenwijk Zuid lvl9 [55:31]
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4th colony, what resource?
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