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PostSubject: Yoroshiku...   Thu Mar 27, 2008 2:30 pm

Oi. So, this is your friendly neighborhood Quarter Master. Real name is Jason. History God. I know it all, literally...and if I don't I'll just make it up, so if you ever have a question, go 'head and shoot me a message. I'll get back to you with something both deeply intellectual and scathingly witty. It's cool, I teach this shit...and you can always trust a teacher! Twisted Evil

Bit about me:

-I taught in Japan for two years in Kyoto. It was the most fantabulous experience of my life to date...giant gaijin in an itty-bitty state. Instant celeb cred in a country made of wonder and shocking hospitality! Go there!

I play rugby. Started in high school after I decided that there was too much cliquishness in high school American football. Rugby is a brotherhood (or sisterhood if any girls play). Go anywhere in the world and you got instant friends! And yes, played in Japan as well. Different game altogether. GIVE BLOOD, PLAY RUGBY!

So, before this gets more like a personal ad, I'll stop...great ta meet'cha!

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